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Dog Grooming West Auckland

Full dog groom - any breed, any size

Toy breed from $65, Small breed from $70, Medium breed from $75, Large Breed from $80

Prices are indicative and may be less or more dependent on style, length and condition of coat and time between grooms. Dog Groomer can advise at time of appointment. Includes standard clip, bath, blow dry, nails & ears cleaned, sanitary clip and under paws, brush and scissor work as required. 

Note: If the dog is matted or has excessive undercoat and you want it brushed out rather than clipped, dematting and line combing fees will apply on a per hour basis. However, if we assess that the dog is too severely matted, we will suggest alternatives since it would be too painful for him/her. Caring over vanity! Full dog grooming West Auckland.

Mini Groom - any breed, any size

Toy Breed from $50, Small Breed from $55, Medium Breed from $60, Large Breed from $65

Ideal service for keeping your dog looking their best between full grooms. Pricing is indicative depending upon condition of coat. Includes bath, blow dry, Nails and ears cleaned, sanitary clip and under paws, face, feet and tail scissor tidied.

Full-Service Dog Wash from $50 to $70

Includes bath using Fidos Soap-Free Hypoallergenic Shampoo, blow dry, nails clipped, sanitary clip, ears cleaned and brush over.

Additional charges may apply for matt and undercoat removal, extra brushwork, and scissor tidy. Groomer can advise at time of appointment.

Deshedding for Double Coated Breeds - POA

Price is indicative dependant on the time required.

For double-coated breeds that drop coat such as labradors, retrievers, huskies, Samoyeds, spitz, etc. Particularly popular as the warmer weather comes this service includes full-service bath and blow dry, nails and ears, under paws clipped, and scissor tidy if required. In addition, we brush the coat using special deshedding tools to remove the dead undercoat. This helps keep your dog cooler, avoids matting, and reduces the fur left around the house. We can also clip under your dog's chest and belly to further help keep them cool

Location: Inside Waterwoofs building, 32b The Concourse, Henderson.

Less than a minute from Lincoln Rd motorway exit.

Phone/Text David 022 162 7740

email [email protected]