Why brush your dog?

Posted on 1 February, 2018 at 1:10

No matter the type of coat your dog has - long or short, thick or thin, non shedding or low sheeding or double coated (ie breeds that shed their undercoat), regularly brushing your dog is crucial not only for apperance and vanity but for your dog's overall health. The key here is regularly. It is better to brush him or her every day or every few days depending on the breed and coat type than to do a big session once in awhile. Over brushing your dog can cause brush burn to their skin and damage the coat if down in one big session



Here are more reasons to brush your dog.


Removes excess fur and significantly reduces the amount of fur you have to deal with on your furniture, car or clothing. Who wants to do more house work than necessary?


Brushing removes dirt and any items such as leaves and twigs caught up in their coat keeping them cleaner and smelling nicer longer between bathing.


It helps distribute the natural oils in your dog's skin and coat keeping there coat healthy, shiny and looking it's best.


It is a great way to monitor your dog's health as you may discover any lumps and warts, fleas and ticks, cuts, grass seeds, skin irritations and anything that looks unusual.


Removes tangles and matts which can be uncomforatble for your dog and may cause broken blood vessels, skin infections and may cause sores to form.


Brushing aerates and hydrates your dog's skin and fur and stimulates circulation which enables to coat to perform it's natural function of regulating body temperature.


Promotes bonding between you and your dog and builds trust as they get use to be touched in various places and being handled without feeling anxious about it.


If you want to keep your dog's coat longer it avoids disapointment when being told by the groomer that it needs to be clipped off as it has become too matted.


Saves money on dog grooming as the groom will last longer and avoids being charged more for any extra work the groomer may need to do on a dog that has not been maintained. If you are interestedin doing part or all of your dogs grooming yourself click the banner below to learn more.

For more information on brushing and doing some or all of your dog's grooming at home check out" target="_blank">" target="_blank"> for helpful information and tips


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